Can I find books by Lexile number at the Library?
No, but you may bring your Lexile range list with you (that can be provided by your child's teacher) and we would be happy to help you find materials that are on the list.

Can I pay my overdue fees online?

Yes!  Customers have the ability to pay their overdue fees online using PayPal or a credit card. Fees of $5.00 or more can be paid from a home or office computer, smart phone or tablet by simply going to the Library’s web page and clicking on the Pay Your Fines Here! link on the home page. For security purposes, fees cannot be paid using the Library’s computers or through the wireless connection.

Can I request an item from another library?
Yes! You can place a Hold on most items in the library system and you will be placed in the queue and will be notified when the item is available to be picked up at the Library you selected.

Can I return books from other libraries here?
You may return books and other materials borrowed from our partnering Libraries and Library systems at the Murrieta Public Library. They include the Moreno Valley Library, the Riverside County Libraries, and the Santa Clarita Libraries.

Can I return my books to other libraries?
You may return Murrieta Public Library books and other materials at our partnering libraries and library systems. They include the Riverside County Libraries, the Moreno Valley Library and the Santa Clarita Libraries.

Can I use my debit or credit card here?
You are able to pay fines and fees and/or add money to your printing account with a debit/credit card, if the total transaction reaches $5.00 or more.

Can I use my Temecula, Lake Elsinore, etc. library card here?
You may use any Riverside County, Moreno Valley or Santa Clarita library card here, just as you may return any material borrowed from those libraries here and our materials at their locations.

Can I use the Library to conduct programs?
Yes! For fees and “Conditions of Use”, please access the Community Room Rental link, under “Forms” on Murrieta Public Library’s home page. If you have a program idea that you think will benefit the Murrieta community, and will be free to the public, please email Laura Davis  for Adult programs or Allison Eagans  for Children’s programs.

Do you charge a fine for overdue materials?
Yes. Any materials not returned before the end of the two-week checkout period will be assessed a late fee. The fees assessed will be: Adult/Young Adult items: $0.25 a day per item. Children/Teen items: $0.10 a day per item. ALL MEDIA: $0.25 a day per item.

Do you have downloadable audio books?
In addition to ebooks, OverDrive also has free, downloadable audio books as well. From the Murrieta Public Library’s Home Page, under the Research link, click OverDrive which will take you to the Inland Empire Digital Library.  Audio books can also be downloaded through our web page under the Library Databases heading, and simply click the Audio Books link.

Do you have ebooks?
Murrieta card holders have access to ebooks through “OverDrive”. You may access OverDrive from the Murrieta Public Library's Home Page, click the Research tab on the left of the page, and follow the Online Resources link which will take you to the Riverside County Library System.  From there, scroll over the Audio and ebooks heading on the tab bar and click OverDrive.  This will take you to the Inland Empire Digital Library. From there, you can access the digital collections, and get help tips on how to download the needed software. You can also download free ebook classics from the Gutenberg ebooks link, Gutenberg ebooks, also accessed through the Research tab located on the web page.

Do you have Meeting Rooms?
The Murrieta Public Library welcomes residents, non-residents and non-profit organizations to utilize our Community Room. Maximum occupancy is 185 and the room has video-conferencing, recording and Internet access via computer. For more information, call Gretchen Sedlacek at (951) 461-6147.

Do you have office machines for public use?
In addition to public computers and printers, the Murrieta Public Library has a public copier and typewriter available for public use. Sorry, no scanning services available at this time.

Do you have programs for all ages?
Yes, we offer a variety of programs for children, teenagers, and adults at the Murrieta Public Library. We promote these programs on our Murrieta Public Library web page under the specific department tabs, in the bi-annual Recreation Guide published by the City of Murrieta, and with in-house fliers and/or posters.

Do you have Study Rooms?
Yes! Three small study rooms are available free of charge, in two hour increments, on a first-come, first served basis. Check at the Adult Reference Desk for availability. A valid library card is required and will be held at the Adult Reference Desk.

Do you have tax forms?
Typically from late-January through the end of April, some federal and state tax forms are available at the Murrieta Public Library; most tax forms are also available year-round to download on http://www.IRS.Govand www.ftb.ca.gov as well.

Do you have the school district’s AR list?
No, we do not have the MVUSD’s AR list.  Please see your school’s website.

Do you have WiFi?
The Murrieta Public Library has WiFi throughout its facility. When in the Library with your laptop, click on the icon, COMMGUEST, and you should have access to the Internet.

Do you offer any Passport services?
The Murrieta Public Library no longer processes U.S. Passport applications. We suggest you try the Post Office at 39571 Los Alamos Road in Murrieta (951) 304-2448 or the Post Office at 30777 Rancho California Road in Temecula (951) 506-5513.

Do you offer fax services?

The Library offers domestic and international fax service and can be paid for by credit card only. The fax machine is very user friendly and is located in the application center in the Library.

Do you offer Notary Services?
The Murrieta Public Library is proud to offer notary services on an appointment basis. Call Gretchen Sedlacek at (951) 461-6147 to schedule an appointment.

How can I be a part of the hanging art display?
Contact Lyndee Berg with The Wild Iris Group at (951) 490-5289 or at http://thewildirisgroup.com/ for more information on becoming a part of the LAPP (Local Art in Public Places). ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

How do I become a volunteer?
Please return a completed Volunteer Application to one of the Library's Service Desks and you will be contacted regarding upcoming volunteer opportunities. Applications can be found using the link below or at one of the Service Desks.

Volunteer Application

How do I get a library card?
Register online by clicking the link below and bring your registration number to the Customer Services desk. 
Photo ID and proof of current residence is required.
Those under the age of 18 need a Parent/Guardian’s signature.
Library Card Application forms are also available in the Library. Please remember: You MUST have your library card to access any of the library’s services. (Checking out or renewing items, using a computer, or paying fines/fees. This includes accessing your account from home via the internet or over the phone.)

Register here!

How do I look for a specific title?
On the Murrieta Public Library’s Home Page click on Catalog Search. You can search by title, author, words or phrases or subject. Please be sure to select Murrieta Public Library, under the Library tab if you are looking for Murrieta Public Library’s holdings. Click on Check Availability and More Info for status and location of item.

How do I renew an item?

Please have your library card available to renew.  Items may be renewed up to four (4) times, unless someone else is waiting for that item. Call Customer Service at (951) 304-BOOK, Automated Phone Renewal at 1-888-388-0664 or go to http://inland.librarycatalog.info/polaris/default.aspx?ctx=17.1033.0.0.8  
and enter your library card number and PIN number. Click on Items Out and follow instructions on the page. The Renew All Items button will only renew one page at a time. Please verify all due dates.

How long can I keep an item?
All of our circulating items have a loan period of two (2) weeks and may be renewed up to four (4) times if there is no waiting list for them.

How many items can I have checked out on my card?
Up to 30 (thirty) items may be checked out on your card. The total can be made up of any combination of books, CD’s or DVD’s.

What is my PIN?
Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) is the last four digits of your telephone number you provided unless you have asked for it to be changed to some other number.
You will need your PIN to access your library account information online and to place holds on items in the catalog. If using the last four digits of your telephone number as your PIN does not work, you will need to come into the Library and speak to Customer Services.

What is your address and hours?
The Library is located at 8 Town Square, Murrieta CA 92562.  Click here for map and driving directions:

Our hours are:
Monday & Tuesday
10 am - 8 pm
Wednesday & Thursday
10 am - 6 pm
Friday & Saturday
12 pm - 5 pm