Mounted Equestrian Patrol

Mounted Equestrian PatrolOfficers assigned to the Mounted Equestrian Unit patrol the City of Murrieta from horseback during select times of the year, public events, and appear in parades and other functions representing the Murrieta Police Department. During the holiday shopping season, mounted officers can be seen on patrol in the major shopping centers during the Police Departments Safe Shopper Program.

Officers keep an eye on vehicles and shoppers during this time of year as they do their Christmas shopping. This time of year tends to be a time, when in the absence of the Safe Shopper Program, thefts from vehicles and crimes against persons rise as shoppers carry more cash and tend to go from store to store leaving gifts and valuables in their vehicles. Officers own the horses they use for this program. Officers are responsible for all grooming, health care, and training to keep their horses ready for assignment at any time.

The horses currently used in the Mounted Equestrian Program are a 5 year old Clydesdale named "Diesel", a 7 year old Clydesdale named "Cooper" and a 15 year old Quarter horse named "Cowboy".

Sergeant Jay Froboese
(951) 461-6302