Traffic Bureau

Motor Officers. Photo Credit: Joe Fanaselle The Traffic Bureau’s primary focus is to enhance traffic safety through partnering with the community to solve traffic problems and through the enforcement of traffic safety laws. The Traffic Bureau is an integral part of the Murrieta Police Department.
The Traffic Bureau’s duties enhance compliance with traffic laws by active enforcement and education regarding hazardous driving behaviors. Statistics show that active and consistent enforcement of traffic safety laws lessens the number of traffic collisions, thus reducing traffic-related fatalities, physical injuries and property damage.
Although all patrol officers provide a traffic enforcement presence in the City of Murrieta, it is the primary assignment of the Traffic Bureau’s Motorcycle Officers to focus on addressing traffic complaints, enforce state traffic laws, and to investigate traffic collisions within the city.

Major Traffic Collision Investigation Team
Traffic Bureau Officers assigned to this team are subject to call 24/7 and respond to all major injury and fatal traffic accidents in the City of Murrieta. These officers have been through years of specialized schooling and on the job training to investigate, analyze, and complete a highly detailed report explaining the circumstances of the collision. These types of collisions usually involve lengthy litigation in criminal and civil courts and these officers’ reports and findings are critical in these proceedings. For questions related to major traffic collisions please call or email:

Sergeant Jay Froboese
(951) 461-6302

Traffic Complaints
To report immediate traffic violations or accidents please call Murrieta Police Dispatch at (951) 696-3615.
To report ongoing traffic complaints at specific locations please call or email:

Ana Padilla
(951) 461-6335

RADAR Trailer
Radar Trailers are self-contained units that measure and display the speeds of approaching vehicles, while also displaying the speed limit for that particular location. The purpose of the RADAR Trailer is to reinforce speed limits in local neighborhoods upon request of residents or when warranted by traffic studies. The RADAR Trailer’s internal data recorder captures the number and speed of vehicles that pass the unit. This data assists the Police Department with its traffic enforcement efforts.

To request a RADAR trailer please call or email:

Ana Padilla
(951) 461-6335

Please provide the following information when making your request:
  • Your name, phone number and email address;
  • Reason for the request;
  • Location and nearest cross street;
  • Direction of travel of the speeding vehicles (North, East, South, West);
  • Time(s) of day most speed violations occur;
  • Any other information that will assist with the placement of the RADAR Trailer.

Collision Reports

Please visit the Obtain Collision Reports webpage for details.

Citation Sign-Offs

The Murrieta Police Department does not charge a fee to sign-off citations issued by members of our department. Any other law enforcement agency citations that are brought to us for sign-off have a fee of $10.00 per citation. For more information about paying tickets visit this page.